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Attention K-Mart shoppers!

You do not need to 'friend' me in order to use any icons I may have created for you, or that you are using. Just thought I'd let you know. I don't even ask you to credit unless you normally do that.
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Top 10 Most Annoying People

Top 10 Most Annoying People in no particular order

1. naive, yet unaware that they don't know anything about anything
2. self-righteous, yet inexperienced in life (basically they like to hear their own voices)
3. genuinely ignorant - just out of touch with reality
4. the Pussycat Dolls - thanks for the degradation!
5. the person who decided to put the Pussycat Dolls together - you suck, capitalist asswipe
6. those who dispense shitty, crybaby, pansyass advice - the world doesn't need any more people following your mantra.
7. clingy and needy - you have a self-esteem problem. You're a drain on your significant other, and you need therapy! Accept it, embrace it, get over it.
8. lazy bastards - do your own job, that's if you even have one!
9. whiney complainers (I actually border this one) - nothing better to do than to bitch and moan about EVERYTHING, yet they never do anything about it
10. drama mamas - did all of that actually happen to you, or do you need to have THAT much going on in your life to feel it's worth something?

ooh Bonus!
11. flip-flopping scaredy-cats - get a spine, use it to help you stand up for yourself, and quit being so wishy washy about things.
12. people who think prayer is all you need to get a problem solved. I think God might be a bit insulted that he blessed you with a brain that you're not going to use. Get off your ass and do something with yourself. Then say a prayer later, thanking God for strength and intelligence so you could solve your own problems.

Dear friends, if I wanted to call you out, I would. You know me. I don't need to beat around the bush about it. I'd defriend you if I was so annoyed by your posts that I had to create my own post about how annoying you are. This list is a culmination of traits I'm finding in both real life, and the internet. I wasn't thinking about 1 person in particular...ok, except the Pussycat Dolls, when I thought of the people who get on my nerves. That's all. Carry on.
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At no risk now...

Hey friends I just wanted to let you know that if you saved me as a friend because you thought you had to for getting icons from 0nly_icons, you don't have to do that. You don't have to read my dribble to "credit" for icons. I don't even care if you credit for the icons. So you go right ahead and remove me if that's why you friended me.

Everyone else - you're stuck. Just kidding. You can always remove me. I won't come back at you and ask why, I promise.

That's all.
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Perfect Madness - Another motherhood post

I've only just begun reading Perfect Madness Motherhood in the Age of Anxiety by Judith Warner, and already I am feeling better about everything I've done as a mom. If you are a parent, are going to become one, or ever plan on becomming one in the future, I think it's REALLY important for your sanity to read this book. With an infant you've probably only had just a taste of the insanity that is motherhood here in America, but every year your child ages, you are more and more influenced by a standard of perfection that you will never reach, and will beat yourself up over and drive your children mad in the process of trying anyway.

It's almost like I wrote this book. It's everything I've ever bitched and complained about in this very journal, bound up with a hard cover. I never lived in another country to be able to compare though, but deep down I know that the majority of mothers aren't happy with making their children their entire existences, and those who say they are haven't had enough time to really sit down and figure out why they are generally unhappy as a whole, why their husbands don't excite them and why they're no longer excited by their husbands. It's almost as though when you become a mother you're asked to check your personality and individuality at the door. When it doesn't HAVE to be that way, no matter how wrong society says you are. SOCIETY IS WRONG. You don't have to be self-sacrificing over every little thing. You don't have to entertain them constantly to the point where they can't even play outside without having you there to structure their activity. I'm not referring to mom's of babies or toddlers, who actually need constant adult supervision when I say that they should be able to play outside all alone. But even with children that small, there is nothing wrong with sitting them down on the floor or in their playpens with their toys to play by themselves for as long as they can (which isn't much).

There's no reason for any of us to feel guilty for wanting more out of life. There's no reason for us to feel guilty for wanting to read a book, hop on to the internet, ask our children to be quiet for a while and watch a movie or TV show while we daydream for a few. Your house doesn't HAVE to be spotless, as long as you're happy living in it. It's no wonder so many people are choosing NOT to have kids. Look what it turns so many women into. I know a lot of you/us aren't like that, but it doesn't mean we don't feel the guilt or question ourselves. But I won't anymore. I have come to realize it will be a LONG time before I find a mom who thinks like me to go hang out with once in a while, and that not having any friends (mother-friends) is better than having ones who are brainwashed or in denial about who they are.

Public service message #10283409
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A revelation about motherhood...probably applies to other things too.

I've been going through the pregnant communities lately and I've come to find one thing: Other mothers are your downfall. Women have not changed since high school and will be the first ones to tell you what you're doing wrong and completely ignore anything you do right. They also are quick to tell you things even before their stitches are done healing. So - don't rely on other mothers to guide you unless you were friends with them BEFORE they were mothers or you know that they are laid back. You stand as much a chance at being a great mom figuring it out along the way.

This might come as a shock to the new moms and pregnant moms on my F-list but, all the things you found so important while pregnant or even during the toddler years, will mean almost nothing by the time your child starts school. Not only will it mean nothing to everyone who made your life their business, but it won't mean much to you either, except some personal achievements filled maybe. Whether or not you had a "natural" birth will be of little concern to you, just as long as your baby came out unscathed. Only YOU will beat yourself up for either having or not having an epidural during your labor. Whether or not your son was circumcized will not make a difference in the long run. And no one will think you're a better kinder mother for not having it done, nor will they think you're evil if you do. Getting your daughter's ears pierced when she is a baby will not make her hate you someday on that off chance she was the 1 girl who never wanted hers done. And no one will think she's cooler than everyone for being one of the first in her class with earrings either. As important is breastfeeding is, it won't make you a better mother because you did it, and choosing to bottlefeed doesn't mean you're headed down the road of doom. What kind of mom you are isn't floating around in the milk. So when you make that decision don't place its importance so high that you're either hating or congratulating yourself for it. You'll meet other moms who care more about what your child is eating as an infant than the fact that they will someday feed their kid bullshit like Lunchables as a legitimate "meal" and give them Hawaiian Punch to wash it down with. When your child became potty-trained will be of little importance, as long as it happened. How soon your child speaks has little to no bearing on whether or not he will be a genious growing up.

In the end it isn't that ONE decision you made that could make or break you as a new mom, but the series of decisions you make once you became one that matter. And while you can't go back and correct any mistakes along the way, you can always make good decisions in the future.